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About Us

Name Mr. Sureshbhai V. Patel
Designation Managing Trustee
Educational Qualification B.A., B.Com., B.Ped.
Date of Birh 10 / 07 / 1963
Name Mrs. Jyotsanaben M. Patel
Designation Trustee
Educational Qualification M.A., M.Ed., D.Ped.
Date of Birh 10 / 01 / 1965
Name Mr. Kantibhai S. Patel
Designation Trustee
Educational Qualification B.A.
Date of Birh 25 / 04 / 1940
Swastik Education Campus is running under three trust
1) Swami Education Trust:
in under Swami Education Trust we have following institutions...
     - Swastik High School (Std. 8 to 10 Guj. Medium)
     - Swastik Higher Sec. School (Std. 11-12 Sci. Guj. Medium)
     - Swastik College of Education (B.Ed.)
     - Swastik College of Primary Eduaction (PTC)
     - Shree V.M. Patel College of Education (B.Ed.)
     - Shree V.M. Patel College of Primary Education (PTC)
2) Shubh Education Trust
in under Shubh Education Trust we have following institution...
     - Swastik Shishu Vihar (Std. 1 to 7 Guj. Medium)
3) Radha Swami Education Trust
in under Radha Swami Education Trust we have following institutions...
     - Swastik Academy (Std. 1 to 7 Eng. Medium)
     - Swastik Academy (Std. 8 to 10 Eng. Medium)
Every child has an inherent abilities, which could be further developed, by providing them Physically and emotionally safe and enriching environment We ignite love for learning in the child. For a child to blossom parents and teachers should work together.
Mission & Vision
To empower our students with quality education that facilitates all round development & inculcates in them the values of love, sacrifice, humility, patience, discipline, hard work, sharing ,teamwork.Our endeavor is to provide them the latest available infrastructure & keep them abreast of the latest technology.
:: To Achieve Excellence in Education.
:: To launch novel programs for youth, old and uneducated people.
:: To provide clean, enriching, Eco friendly Environment to our students.
:: To set up a huge library for the students, which will remain open for the whole day.
:: We are committed to make our students, better global citizens of tomorrow.
We believe that “Child is not a vase to be filled but fire to be lit”
No. Room Area (Sq. Ft.)
1. Multipurpose Hall 1200
2. Library & Reading Room 800
3. Class Room (each) 400
4. Physics Lab 400
5. Chemistry Lab 400
6. Biology Lab 400
7. Computer Lab 400
8. Staff Room 400
9. Principal Room 300
10. Store Room 180
11. Play Ground 10000
12. Trust Office
13. Electric Room
14. Canteen

Infrastructure Facilities (Land & Building)
Location of Land
The Location of land Near Motera Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad. Revenue Survey No. 153/4, F.P. No:30 .Total area of land is 1515 sq. Mt. and total Contruction Area is 3604.24
Building Position
Permission of land and building is for educational purpose. The constructed building area is as Cellor 661.83 Sq. Mt. , Ground floor 624.24 sq. meters, First Floor 566.89 sq. Mt., Second Floor 566.89 Sq. Mt.,Third Floor 566.89 Sq.Mt. fourth Floor 566.89 Sq.Mt.and Stair Cabin is 50.61 sq. meters. Grand Total Construction : 3604.24 Sq. Mt. and Total Land Area is 1515 Sq. Meters.
Land and Building Permission
The permission for building Usage has been given by Town Planning officer, Ahmedabad Urban Development Association vide their letter No: PRP/57/7/02/Usage/241/12/01 dated 31-05-2003.
Mode of Possession
Lease Agreement is in the name of society - "Swami Education Trust" for a long term period of 35(Thirty five ) years and more. This building is used for Education purpose.