Admission rules

(a)    From should be submited in time.

(b)   Incomplete form will not be consider.

(c)    LC,birth certificate should be attached with admission form.

(d)   The school reserves the right to admit or refuse any application for admission.

(e)   Admission is given on the basis of the result of the test, to the standard for which the students is found suitable.

(f)     Student’s of standard 1st must fulfill the age limit of five plus.

School Notice


Jan 24
સ્વસ્તિક હાયર સેકન્ડરી H.S.C.(science)- 92.10 % પર...

સ્વસ્તિક હાયર સેકન્ડરી H.S.C.(science)- 92.1...

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