General Rules

  1. All students  must bring daily.
  2. Diary should be constantly used by the parent.
  3. Parent are requested to apply well in advance in cash they withdraw their child, after 30th may regular fee will be charge .
  4. Leaving certificate will be issued only after all the dues are paid in full.
  5. Irregular attendance , disobedience or any behavior objectionable to the good tone of the school.
  6. School  uniform in must as prescribed by the management.
  7. The school fee does not include excursion, sports, uniform, stationary, transportation and note books.
  8. Parents are liable to pay if any damage is done to school property.
  9. No students must bring vehicle if students do not have lis ence.
  10. Students should be at school campus 10 minutes before the school starts.
  11. Students must wear neat and clean uniform.
  12. Students must have 80% attendance to appear board exam and annual exam compulsory.
  13. If in case parent wants to take the child home they have to take the child in recess only 9.30 AM.
  14. If in case conduct and progress is not proper of the child school will have full authority to issued leaving certificate.
  15. After the school gets over school will not have any responsibility of any type of the casually of the child.
  16. I ……………………………………………gone through all the term , condition and general rules and agree to obey the school decision.

School Notice


Jan 24
સ્વસ્તિક હાયર સેકન્ડરી H.S.C.(science)- 92.10 % પર...

સ્વસ્તિક હાયર સેકન્ડરી H.S.C.(science)- 92.1...

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