Vision Mission

  1. To  create discipline and obediency from the childhood.
  2. To provide all the basic and necessary facilities to the pupils
  3. A pupil is free from overloaded education.
  4. To motivate for different activities,music,sports etc. art marshal.
  5. Regularity, punctulityand hand-writing improvement are on top priority.
  6. Festival celebrations time to time.
  7. To arrange educational and entertaining tour for the pupil.

School Notice


Jan 24
સ્વસ્તિક હાયર સેકન્ડરી H.S.C.(science)- 92.10 % પર...

સ્વસ્તિક હાયર સેકન્ડરી H.S.C.(science)- 92.1...

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